Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mommy: Finder of Lost Objects

The following story reminds me of the bit Roseanne used to do when she was a stand-up comedienne. She talked about how her uterus was apparently a detector for lost objects around the house. I've always suspected that she was right...

This morning, Matthew, my 8 year old, was searching for last month's Lego Magazine. He couldn't find it and became very upset. As I was driving him to school, we had this conversation:

Matthew: When I get home from school, you need to help me find it!
Me: Why should I help you find it? You should have put it in your room.
Matthew: You should know where my things are.
Me: Well, if that's the case then you should know where my things are.
Matthew: No!
Me: Why not?
Matthew: Because you're the mom!


  1. Love it Tina!! Glad to see it is not just my kids who feel that at 6 years old (twins), that mom is supposed to do everything and make sure everything is in order and THEY have NO part in it!! LOL Teaching responsibility is rough!! (especially when it is easier to just do it yourself!!!! but who learns from that?!?)

  2. LOL :)) made my laugh .. my baby girl is 5 years old - and I've got the same talks over and over and over ))) Sound like "because you are the bomb :)))


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