Thursday, November 22, 2012

TDD and the Uncommon Goods Upcycling Design Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day, I give thanks to my amazing family and wonderful friends who are so supportive of what I do.

So, on this Thanksgiving, I'm asking for support in the Uncommon Goods Upcycling Design Challenge. TDD has made it through the first level, and is now in need of votes to proceed to the next level (the judging panel). Although I'm not a fan of vote-based contests, this challenge is an excellent opportunity for TDD to be seen in a wider market.

I've chosen a basket from my new Rustic Cottage Chic line because it is much easier to replicate than the accessories for which I am known. Of course, I did this with winning in mind. ;)

Here's the basket:

Here's the link to vote for me -

Thank you so much for your support!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Eco Monday - Sew Mantra

Have you heard of Sew Mantra? If not, and you’re eco, you need to get on over to check out what’s going on over there! Sew Mantra is the baby of Martiel Beatty. Her tagline is Renew/Reuse/Reinvent. Love it!

You’ll enjoy checking out all the different types of eco-friendly products that are in the Sew Mantra shop.

This flower bouquet is gorgeous! Perfect for brides, and it can be customized to you!

There are even great items for the kiddos, like this precious Polly the Penguin Critter Hat

The great thing about Sew Mantra right now is that you can still get in on helping Martiel with her 50 Days of ECO-Love Creation Marathon. She’s making one item per day. Everything she makes is made with at least 50-80% reclaimed, recycled, upcycled or organic materials. You can help her by suggesting color combos and designs by using the Endangered Species List as inspiration for her next creation. And, because she’s so passionate about this cause, she’s donating 100% of her profits from her Endangered Species Inspiration Collection to the World Wildlife Fund for as long as the collection exists!

Help Martiel with the Collection!
FB Event Page
G+ Event Page

Shop the Endangered Species Inspiration Collection

Find Sew Mantra:
Twitter Connect: @Sewmantra

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Holiday 2012 Pre-Sale Happening Now!

TDD is having a Holiday Pre-Sale on select eco-chic clutches and wristlets! Sale ends on October 25, 2012 and quantities are limited! You won't find this sale on the website or the Etsy shop. Message TDD on Facebook to take advantage of this great offer.

First up, we have The Plum Blossom and The Courtesan Fused Eco Clutches. These clutches were originally designed for Mayim Bialik and Cat Deeley, respectively. The fusing looks like distressed leather with gorgeous cotton fabric and a snap closure. They are envelope-style and are a fantastic eco upcycled accessory!

Measure approx. 4.5" tall and 12" long (11.4cmx30.5cm)

Next up, we have hand crocheted, upcycled wristlets! These wristlets were originally designed for the 2011 GBK Emmy Awards Gift Lounge and are in the hands of celebs like Nia Peeples, Penny Marshall, Tina Fey and more.

They come two ways.
1. Upcycled Plastic (plarn) only - available in pewter gray, red, pink, forest green, purple, lime, orange, white, black and natural tan brown with red accents


2. Black plarn w/VHS tape - lining choices include black, zebra or cheetah.

Measure approx. 3.5" tall and 6" long (8.9cmx15.2cm)

Message TDD on Facebook to order yours now! They are great holiday gifts, make an eco statement, and are the perfect accessories for parties or an evening out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Inspiration and Collaboration

Collaborating with other artists can be so inspiring! Take, for example, my collaboration with Canadian artist-extraordinaire Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei of Sweet Stella’s.

I’ve known Shannon for a bit now. Having her to brainstorm with has been a wonderful experience. So much so, that we’ve collaborated professionally a number of times. Our most recent collaboration is using hand sculpted buttons, which she is doing exclusively for TDD, as embellishments on my new line eco-fused clutches.
Dubai Decadence Eco-Fused Clutch
Dubai Decadence Eco-Fused Clutch
Coming Soon! A great nautical eco-fused clutch!
And, I can’t wait to get my hands on these!

Want to see more of Shan's work?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Celebrating Eco{uture}

I had the opportunity to design a bag for Cari Cucksey from HGTV’s Cash & Cari. After messaging with Cari, I found out that she’s a “tote” girl. It was wonderful when she named her bag “The Cash & Cari Tote: A place to stash your cash while treasure hunting”.

It’s a great bag with lots of texture and a zippered pocket. Her initials are embroidered on the pocket as a special touch that she enjoyed.

I hope that she’s getting tons of use out of this special tote.

This tote will be available soon on the website.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celebrating Eco{uture}

Having the opportunity to design something and send it to a celebrity is a great experience. I’ve been fortunate in having my designs go to a number of celebrities. This is the first in a series where I’ll take you on that journey.

It all started in 2011, when I had a display at the GBK Emmy Awards Gift Lounge. The actress, Catherine O’Hara (known for Beetlejuice and the Home Alone movies) asked if she could have my display purse because she loved it so much. Of course, I said yes!!

Catherine O'Hara
I had also made evening wristlets with vhs tape as press gifts. Nia Peeples saw them and was fascinated. She is the owner of one of the wristlets now. She was also kind enough to pose with my display purse. Penny Marshall’s eye caught the vhs wristlets as well. Turns out she also asked to keep one. I hope they are enjoying them!

Nia Peeples

Nia Peeples showing her VHS tape evening wristlet
And the late Kathryn Joosten who was known for her roles on The West Wing and Desperate Housewives. I was so sad to hear of her passing earlier this year.

Kathryn Joosten
And so it began!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Eco Monday: Ostlund Custom Works

I love meeting new artists, whether it’s online or in person. I’m also fortunate that most of the artisans I meet are just really nice people. I have to thank Shannon of Sweet Stella’s for introducing me to Ron Ostlund, Jr. and his amazing work.

Ostlund Custom Works is where Ron takes junk and turns it into functional art, home d├ęcor and high fashion jewelry. He repurposes and transforms scrap metal into some of the most impressive designs I’ve seen.

Statement Necklace - Currently on display at an art gallery  before being shipped to a celebrity stylist
Ron gets most of his jewelry metals from old engraved plates from engraving shops - metals that were on plaques, trophies and discarded pieces that had mistakes or were cut-offs. These metals are mostly aluminum and brass that he is able to sand down to the bare metal to design into earrings. His cuffs are made from metal that he finds in the scrap yard. Only a small portion of the metal he uses is actually new.

Ron is self-taught. He definitely has an eye for fashion, and says that most of what he does actually works like he wants it to! His dream was to start a jewelry line that was perfect for every woman and every style, hence his G2G “Gothic to Glamorous” line.

In his words:
“I knew I needed to do something different to stand out from the crowd so I decided to make scrap metal high fashion. I decided that before I really knew what I was doing! I just decided that’s what was going to happen so I set out to do it.”

I do believe Ron has succeeded!

1.5”Hammered Brass Cuff 

Find Ostlund Custom Works here:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eco Monday: New Designs coming from TDD

On today's Eco Monday post, I want to introduce you to a new design from TDD! I'm very excited about this new direction (don't worry, I'm still crocheting!).

I've begun to fuse plastic to create "fabric" that can be sewn. This method will allow TDD to offer a larger selection of eco clutches and bags. I'm absolutely thrilled with the texture as it's reminiscent of leather and/or snakeskin, but is totally eco and vegan! See for yourself!

Black and silver fused plastic color block clutch -

Or how about something a little more jazzy like this Orange and lime fused color block clutch?

These new designs will be on TDD's newly revamped website (coming soon). But, if you just can't wait, email at!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Eco Monday: Go Green America TV and The Go Green Guy

If you haven't perused Go Green America TV's site, you're missing out on something eco-great. The brain child of The Go Green Guy, Jeff Davis, it's your one-stop shop for all things green. From fashion to home to food to moms and pregnancy, this site is full of information that you'll love.

I first 'met' Jeff on Twitter and am so glad I did. I regularly visit his site and am happy to say that he is a wonderful person with a wonderful mission. He has put together an amazing group of talent for the site, and his care and dedication shows.

Go Green America TV also has one of my favorite foodies - The Blender Girl, aka Tess Masters. Her kitchen tips and recipes are amazing. Her recipes are delicious.

Stay tuned to GGATV as there will be video segments giving quick tips, DIY projects and celebrity interviews! You can also find informative Go Green stories and Go Green product reviews on the site, too.

Have a green question?  Ask The Go Green Guy!

Find Go Green America TV here:
Go Green America TV on Facebook
Go Green America TV on Twitter
The Go Green Guy on Twitter

Monday, May 21, 2012

Eco Monday: tropAcool

As I continue my Eco Monday series, I'm finding that I am indeed a lucky person to have met so many interesting people who also love upcycling! Laura Fischler is one of those people. Laura's company, tropAcool, caught my eye a while back because the world we live in and taking care of it is of primary importance to her.

Her Hauling Ass Bags are what I first noticed. I mean, how can you not notice a name like that? Superb! Laura's design aesthetic is awesome and her upcycling of materials and fabrics is crazy creative.

Here's one of her Hauling Ass Bags. Can you believe this was once a pair of cargo shorts?

Upcycled Army Green Cargo Tote Palm Trees Recycled Reconstructed Clothing Eco Friendly

And this Messenger Bag is stunning with the appliques. A work of upcycled art, for sure!

Appliqued Recycled Blue Jeans Messenger Bag Upcycled Denim 

Enjoy browsing! I'm sure you'll find something that you can't live without!

Find tropAcool here:
Shop tropAcool
tropAcool on Facebook

Monday, May 14, 2012

Eco Monday: Simply Beautiful Spaces LLC

I'm introducing you to Simply Beautiful Spaces on this fine Eco Monday. Owned by certified interior designer Kate Koch, Simply Beautiful Spaces is a one-stop shop for your home and event decorating needs. From redesign with your own furniture to organization to personal shopping services, Kate's creativity is always spot on.

I have the fortune of having met Kate personally, and am finding great joy in getting to know her. Aside from being beautiful inside and out, she is an amazingly gifted woman who is down-to-earth, has a fantastic sense of humor and is extremely well-rounded. She holds a Masters in Business Management, a Bachelor's in Psychology, as well as Certifications in Design. And if that wasn't enough, she's also served her country and is retired from the military.

Kate has a love for what she does, and it shows in her work. The upscale looks she creates are clean and elegant as her Design Portfolio shows.

In her words:
The redesigns I do in homes is essentially recycling, repurposing or up-cycling. I use what the homeowners already have to give their home a new look while updating their designs and maintaining their own personal style in the home. In some cases, I will bring in new items if the home needs it, but in most all my designs, at least one piece is given a new purpose or a new look.

Here are some examples for the upcycling/repurposing that Kate has done (click on the picture to go to her blog for more information on these projects):

Ginger Jar Lamp

The reception desk turned fireplace during the renovation of  Bartlett Hall, home of the Marine Corps Association

Repurposed bookcase

And look at this master bedroom chandelier that was created using parts and pieces of broken chandeliers and a frame from a broken mirror!

I'm so impressed with Kate's vision and creative talent! I hope you take the time to check out her other projects on her blog, and if you have a space that needs some help, give her a call.

Find Simply Beautiful Spaces here:
Simply Beautiful Spaces on the Web
Simply Beautiful Spaces on Facebook
Simply Beautiful Spaces Blog

Oh, did I mention that she will travel?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Eco-Monday: Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

Mondays are Eco on TDD's blog! I'll be introducing you to eco/upcycled/repurposed fabulousness, and I'm so excited!

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Amber Bryce, an up-and-coming jewelry designer who is about to blow the socks off Hollywood!

How about these pieces? I'm so in love!

Mi Alma, Para Necklace (My Soul, to You)

Bleu Earrings

Amber's designs are absolutely delicious. She recycles silver into gorgeous wearable art. Her intricate design and use of materials makes her a true creative soul and artiste. She is the exclusive jewelry designer for the housewives of the next season of both The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills AND The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lauren Conrad and Zooey Deschanel also own part of the Amber Bryce collection.

Here are some designs that will be on Real Housewives:

Verde Earrings

Serene Earrings

Vivid Necklace

Find Amber here:
Amber Bryce on the Web
Amber Bryce Facebook
Amber Bryce Twitter

Amber's ability to recycle silver into these amazing designs definitely deserves the kudos and recognition she receives, and it was, again, my pleasure to introduce you to her.

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