Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crocheting in Silence? I Don't Think So...

Most people who crochet don't sit in a vacuum of silence while creating their creations (especially if they've been doing it a while). I'm no different. In fact, I typically listen to/watch television while crocheting. But, I think I may have a problem...

I am crazy addicted to watching Discovery ID shows, "Dr. G - Medical Examiner", and "Snapped". In fact, I watch so much, I get a bit torked when it's mostly reruns on a "Snapped" marathon. So now, because I've seen so many shows,I've turned my attention to "Notorious" on Bio (I DVR new episodes of "I Survived"). Still, so far, most of the shows I've seen are just another way to tell the story on some sick twisted individual who I already know about. (Ok, I'll say here that my husband used to worry about this... a lot. Until he started watching with me.)

Mind you, I probably would've been a profiler or forensic somebody or other in another life. Frankly, what interests me most in the cases is the detective work and forensics that goes into catching the bad guy.

On the flip side, you can pretty much ask me about any episode of "iCarly", "The Penguins of Madagascar", "Victorious" and my all time favorite - "SpongeBob Squarepants". My favorite SpongeBob episode is the DoodleBob episode, with Sandy's episode of going back to Texas in close second place.

So there you have it -- What I do while I'm prepping plarn, designing patterns and counting stitches while crocheting.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do Crazy Parents Breed Crazy Children?

So, I recently had a request to write something more about my crazy kiddos, and started wondering why they are so cra-za-zy... Then I looked in the mirror while simultaneously thinking about my husband. My wondering stopped there.

Here are some more memorable moments and interactions we've had with the kids:

A new addition to Matthew's Unabridged Dictionary v.1 --
Side Butt: (n) hip.

(Staying with the hip theme)
Matthew, on pregnancy:
"When you have babies, your hips accelerate and turn into hu-normous things... I mean hips."

I was so pleased to find out that I was Matthew's "very best mom". Of course, I thought I was his ONLY mom - but that's neither here nor there.

Apparently, we have one kid who says he can dance in French & another who wears "long sleeved" pants.

From Matthew's Survival Guide:
"Never swallow sea water. It can kill you. Fish pee in it."

Andrew trying to convince hubby to buy a riding mower:
Hubby: "You & Mom are really working hard to get me to buy a riding mower. Why should I?"
Andrew: "Well, you're not getting any younger."

I'm sure there will be more, they still have a few years here at home.

Should be interesting...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Business of Plarn

Plarn, or plastic yarn, is a wonderful way to recycle/upcycle those plastic bags that most people throw away. Heck, I made a business out of it!

The best thing about my bags is that they are easy-care. Machine wash cold and hang to dry!
Also, the totes this size use 100+ plastic bags. One person uses about 300-700 bags per year. Three to seven TDD totes takes what one person in the U.S. uses out of our landfills!

So, we are celebrating our eco-success with this great feature on Go Green America TV where The Go Green Guy talks about TDD's process and products.

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