Monday, September 10, 2012

Eco Monday: Ostlund Custom Works

I love meeting new artists, whether it’s online or in person. I’m also fortunate that most of the artisans I meet are just really nice people. I have to thank Shannon of Sweet Stella’s for introducing me to Ron Ostlund, Jr. and his amazing work.

Ostlund Custom Works is where Ron takes junk and turns it into functional art, home décor and high fashion jewelry. He repurposes and transforms scrap metal into some of the most impressive designs I’ve seen.

Statement Necklace - Currently on display at an art gallery  before being shipped to a celebrity stylist
Ron gets most of his jewelry metals from old engraved plates from engraving shops - metals that were on plaques, trophies and discarded pieces that had mistakes or were cut-offs. These metals are mostly aluminum and brass that he is able to sand down to the bare metal to design into earrings. His cuffs are made from metal that he finds in the scrap yard. Only a small portion of the metal he uses is actually new.

Ron is self-taught. He definitely has an eye for fashion, and says that most of what he does actually works like he wants it to! His dream was to start a jewelry line that was perfect for every woman and every style, hence his G2G “Gothic to Glamorous” line.

In his words:
“I knew I needed to do something different to stand out from the crowd so I decided to make scrap metal high fashion. I decided that before I really knew what I was doing! I just decided that’s what was going to happen so I set out to do it.”

I do believe Ron has succeeded!

1.5”Hammered Brass Cuff 

Find Ostlund Custom Works here:

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