Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Call Me... General

So, today, I decided to take a break from crocheting. I know I have a mini-expo in Arlington to get ready for on March 26th, but I just needed the rest. Besides, with the paper breeding voraciously on my kitchen island, I needed to step in and get it under control. (Anyone know of a paper neutering service?)

I have so many designs in my head, but my fingers just won't go faster. Sometimes I think it'd be great to be like General Grievous in Star Wars... Lots of arms! Shoot, I could work on a couple of projects at a time. How cool would that be? Of course, I'm sure I'd get a few stares, what with 4 arms and all. So instead of holding light sabers, I'd be holding crochet hooks!

Ok, ok, I know I didn't do the greatest job on the pic, but you get the idea... I left the light sabers in cause I'm that cool... LOL


  1. You crack me up! LOL@ paper neutering service.
    DH wants to stop subscribing because ours is piling up in the box, but, hey I might have time to read it someday!

    Your picture is awesome! Very cool.

  2. lol I wish I had a couple of more "me" almost everyday!
    The pic looks cool!


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