Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Matthew!

As many of my friends and family members know, Matthew (soon-to-be 8) is a veritable font of innocent kid quips. While Andrew is, as my mother calls him "the Professor", Matthew gives us life through the eyes of, well, Matthew.

Here are some of my favorite Matthew interactions.

Matthew asks for a bowl of Trix for an after school snack. I pour him a bowl. He says it's too much and proceeds to put about 5 pieces of cereal back into the box before proclaiming that now it's just right.

Matthew: "Daddy, can I have an ice cream sandwich?"
Daddy: "No."
Matthew: "Yay, I get to have an ice cream sandwich!"
Daddy: "I said, no."
Matthew: "I'm so happy I get to have an ice cream sandwich!"
Daddy: " Hellooo! I said no!"
Matthew: "Daddy, can I have my ice cream sandwich now?"
(Ah, the power of positive thought.)

Andrew was explaining to Matthew that you can't foresee the consequences of changing the past. That it would be possible that if you stopped Lincoln's assassination you could end up with monkeys ruling the world.
Matthew's response: "Are they mean monkeys?"

Matthew (when he was almost 7) finds the sheet for Andrew's spelling bee --
"Mom, look, the thing for Andrew's Spelling Bee. Hey, why isn't there a Spelling A?"

My hope is that he'll continue seeing the world through his own eyes and not be affected by how those around him see things. He's such a free spirit, and I'd hate to see him lose that. It's such a precious trait and will serve him well. He's my out-of-the-box thinker and keeps me on my toes!


  1. He's an amazing kid. Prescient, innocent and a wonderful way of looking at the world.

    Plus he's hilarious. "Are the monkeys mean?"


  2. I know I would like to have your son on my Bus. Kids like him make my day. Even when they are trying my patience.


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