Saturday, June 18, 2011

Do Crazy Parents Breed Crazy Children?

So, I recently had a request to write something more about my crazy kiddos, and started wondering why they are so cra-za-zy... Then I looked in the mirror while simultaneously thinking about my husband. My wondering stopped there.

Here are some more memorable moments and interactions we've had with the kids:

A new addition to Matthew's Unabridged Dictionary v.1 --
Side Butt: (n) hip.

(Staying with the hip theme)
Matthew, on pregnancy:
"When you have babies, your hips accelerate and turn into hu-normous things... I mean hips."

I was so pleased to find out that I was Matthew's "very best mom". Of course, I thought I was his ONLY mom - but that's neither here nor there.

Apparently, we have one kid who says he can dance in French & another who wears "long sleeved" pants.

From Matthew's Survival Guide:
"Never swallow sea water. It can kill you. Fish pee in it."

Andrew trying to convince hubby to buy a riding mower:
Hubby: "You & Mom are really working hard to get me to buy a riding mower. Why should I?"
Andrew: "Well, you're not getting any younger."

I'm sure there will be more, they still have a few years here at home.

Should be interesting...


  1. LOL! They are so funny. I love Matthew's Survival Guide. They're great kids too.

  2. Do you have an actual compiled list of Matthew's Survival Guide? That'd be an awesome read! :)

  3. My word verification letters always seem to be so appropriate (and oddly pertain to you quite often, lol) The one for my last comment was but-hi and of course I picked up on the "but" as in butt. lol.

  4. Tina, this is brilliant. You need to keep these sharp sayings in a book to read to your grandchildren!

  5. LOL! Thanks! I have a pad and pen at the ready for whenever they come up with interesting quips. Maybe one day, I'll write that book. :)


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