Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Long Until the Emmys / New Product

September 15 and 16 are the days that my eco purse will be on display at the Emmys gift lounge. Can we say ---- SUPER EXCITING?!

Not only is it exciting, but I will surely be a nervous wreck awaiting news as to what reaction to my product is.

I've also been working on a few new items. One of these items is an eco iPod/Smart Phone case. Crocheted from plarn (plastic bags) with a magnetic snap and button decoration. They will be available soon on my site in different colors. Here's one:



  1. Your new iPhone Plarn Case is so fabulous! I love the big jeweled button, too. Nice work, Tina! Another fantastic addition to your shoppe.

  2. I LOVE it, although I am of the more "non-bling" crowd, lol. The magnetic snap is a great idea, easy to open and close and you won't damage your phone by pressing too hard on the snap! :)

  3. ooo, you know what else I'd love? A long leather strap option or even a leather wrist strap. :D

  4. Oh Tina! I love this! You are awesome! Going to Tweet this!

  5. @Deb - I will be sure to put that option in the listing, but the strap will be plarn. TY for the idea!
    @LoriAnn - Thanks for tweeting!


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