Thursday, August 18, 2011

Listen Carefully

Yesterday was an interesting day in our household. Here are some outtakes:

I asked Matthew if he was listening to me. He looks at me all innocent and says:
"I'm not really in a listening mood right now."

Typical conversation in my house:
Dad: I have the munchies.
Matthew (8): The monkeys?
Dad: The munchies.
Andrew (12): Monk cheese? I wonder if that tastes good.
Dad: Sure it does. In fact, monks make the best cheese ever.
Andrew: I don't think that even exists.
Matthew: It exists in your world, Dad.

We have another addition to Matthew's Unabridged Dictionary:
Clicky Tocks (n): Clock with hands, not digital.

And last, but not least, we file this one under Things you don't want other people to overhear:
We took hubby's truck to the store. I'm maneuvering grocery bags in the back seat and keep hitting Matthew's legs much to his exasperation and some pain. Matthew says:
"She's hitting me again! This time with the groceries!"


  1. this was HILARIOUS! :D
    Love it!
    especially with your closing moment.

    awwe. kids+family= love


  2. Your kids are both clever and a riot!


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