Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can Boys Watch Too Much Military Channel?

So, I have to say that being a mom to two boys is really pretty cool. As I was pondering some of those things, I started to think about things that little boys are interested in that typically girls aren't. Which leads me to the following question...

How do you know if your kids are watching too much of the Military Channel?

1. Driving home from school...
Me: Matthew, how was school?
Matt: Art was fun!
Me: What'd you do in Art?
Matt: That's classified.

2. Driving to BK...
Andrew: I really want to write a mean letter to someone... Must be the testosterone.

3. Matthew informed us that he is an "innocent civilian child."

4. Driving to go grocery shopping, Matthew sees the Girl Scouts out selling cookies in the lot. He asks if we can buy some. I tell him we don't have any cash, but we'll return. He says we can "infiltrate" them from behind, he will run and yell at them, then we can duct tape them and get the cookies.

Nuff said.


  1. OMG. They are SO funny. Hahahaha!

    "That's classified" is priceless.

    Infiltrating the Girl Scouts sounds like fun!

  2. Your boys sound like my cousins did when we were young. As a Bus Driver, I must say that boys are easier to handle than girls. I love how the male mind thinks. Thank the Lord they are so different from us. Otherwise life would be so boring!


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