Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I Love Having Young Kids at My Age

So, most of my friends from high school started having kids younger than I did. Some are even grandparents now. It's weird, because it makes me feel old, but then I look at my kids (in elementary and middle schools), and feel a little younger again.

I've learned a lot from my kids. They make up words, they are sarcastic just like me and my husband, and we have some interesting conversations. For example:

Took Matthew to McD's the other night to get some "crack for kids", otherwise known as nuggets.
Matt: Mom, do you know why McDonald's chicken nuggets are so good?
Me: No, why are they so good?
Matt: It's the grease!

Picking up Matthew from school:
Me looking in the rearview & not seeing him: Matt, what're you doing?
Matt: Looking at my shadow. Hey, you don't have eyes in the back of your head... & neither does daddy!
Me: Then how come I know when you're up to no good?
Matt: (silence)

I added a new word to my vocabulary -- 'aloneless': the condition opposite of crowded or accompanied by others. Apparently, this word exists only in 'Matthew's Unabridged Dictionary v.1'.

I learned that a place can be "infested with people" -- courtesy of Andrew.

I've also learned that spelling bees can have some of the dumbest words. Andrew (my straight-A student) was recently caught off guard because he was supposed to spell "yippee". Seriously? Yippee? He missed the word after correctly spelling "warrior". Go figure.


  1. Kids say the most amazing things. "Aloneness" is so clever but I really relate to "infested with people." He's right, there is such a condition. That's why I live in the middle of nowhere. Smart boy.

    Lol @ "Matthew's Unabridged Dictionary v.1."

  2. Hey, you should write it all down and publish "Matthew's Unabridged Dictionary" LOL Great post <3

  3. I married at 18 but didn't start having children until I was 25. I turn 50 in a couple of days and I don't feel it. My girls are grown women now and this stage is as much fun as when they were young. I am not a Grandma yet,do have one married and one to be married this summer. But it amazes me how many of my classmates have been grandparents for quite awhile. I will enjoy when I am but I feel so young myself that I can't fathom that I could be. Your boys sound delightful! Maybe Matthew will turn out to be a stand up comic~~


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