Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Clover Stone Designs & Me

In my line of fun... I mean WORK, I've had the privilege of *meeting* many talented artisans. My involvement with The Artisan Group ("TAG") has taken this to a whole new level. Through TAG, I've met incredible business-minded people who have so much creativity and a genuine interest in sharing that I'm surprised we all haven't exploded from the mass input of combined knowledge yet.

That said, I was extremely fortunate to become friends with Stephi Williams, who is the creative mind behind Clover Stone Designs. By extremely fortunate, I mean, this woman has almost too much talent and creativity for one little person!

I owe her my new website and blog designs. (More to come in a different post about the redesign.) But, I'm also in love with her jewelry. Simple boho-style, perfect for everyday. I'm a simple kind of gal, so I enjoy her offerings all the more.

I'm in love with the color teal. My wedding was teal, ivory and black (we won't discuss how long ago that was). When I saw this piece, I had to have it!

Then, because she knew that military was near and dear to my heart, this military support bracelet was in my package, too!

Now, eventually I'll get out of her something else that I can make for her (she was my guinea pig for an upcycled change purse), but for now, I'll enjoy my wonderful Clover Stone Design pieces. I should also mention that she's getting ready for a big relaunch, so stay tuned!

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  1. Thank you, Tina!

    I think Tina Dean Designs & Clover Stone Designs are best friends, lol! ♥

  2. Her work is beautiful!

  3. Lots of Stephi-Tina love from me!

  4. It's always nice when you can find that connection with someone!

  5. That teal is gorgeous! I love teal too. Why am I not surprised that you wore teal and black at your wedding?

    I'm really, really impressed with Stephi's website work. She's multi-talented.

  6. Hubby wouldn't let me actually wear those colors (he's so traditional). :) I was in ivory, but the bouquet was teal and ivory, and the decorations teal, ivory & black.


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