Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crocheting in Different Mediums (or The 'Neat' Ideas I Get From Nikki)

Contrary to (my friends') popular belief, I cannot crochet in all mediums, nor do I intend to (you'll see why soon enough). I've had one think that I can crochet with dental floss (smiles to Ashley). Now, I probably could, but why? Does anyone really want a spearmint smelling, waxy doily? I have another who will likely run screaming to the hills if I start crocheting tree branches. (Yes, she said tree branches.) I'm good, but I'm not that good!

The best ever comes from Nikki. How she manages to find some of the most disgusting mediums to show me is beyond me. (Ok, fine, she sees them on Regretsy.)

Like this, crocheted and painted gum --

Or this, crocheted from human hair (with fingernails, too) --

So, I've decided that I actually enjoy the laughs I get from Nikki's adventures in Regretsy. She's smart, talented and has a superb sense of humor. Go check out her shop -- 13 Black Cat Designs.

I promise you there's nothing gross there! LOL


  1. Let's call it disgusty!! I can imagine handling gum like that. Gross! LOL

  2. please remind me why anyone would want something like the human hair and fingernail doily----more importantly, why would they pay $200 for it???! Ewww! Diane

  3. But... what if the minty doily made home in the bathroom?! :-P

    Regretsy makes my day.

  4. Seriously, it makes you want to hurl, right?


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